Monday, February 7, 2011


Yesterday we harvested 13kg of potato.  This takes our total to about 17kg dug so far and we still have another couple of rows to do yet.

We picked 750g of cherry tomatoes too.  I think these will end up as chutney to compliment the cold meat we eat through the week.

Our Pomegranate shrub is covered in fruit, but not quite ready for harvest as yet.  I don't think they will be far away.  We are nearly ready to pick apples too!  I have to check the pistachios and see how they are going.

I am picking Figs now and am going to turn a lot into jam.  The spinach is growing faster than we can eat it so I am going to freeze a lot over the week ahead.  It is good to be busy!

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Car said...

Totally jealous of your potato haul ;) I lost my 2 plants with the rain ;(