Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lounge Room

Working in the lounge room this weekend past. 
We found another paper dated 1918 (above).

I did keep a couple of the wall paper samples for the photo album too.

I was not always the best offsider as I was easily distracted by the old newsprint and looking for ads and things of interest.

When we pulled the old cladding off we discovered (again) a lack of studs and noggins so we had to re-frame to give us something square and solid to screw the plasterboard too.

Finding this list reminded me of what else happened in 1918.  The end of the Great War.
I wanted to peel the wall paper off and try to save the list but the Mr said I would damage it more so we left it to be re-sealed in the wall behind the fresh plasterboard.

It is lovely to be working on a house with history built in.


AJ said...

That last photo :( Your grandkids may find it again one day when they renovate.

CurlyPops said...

I'd get no work done as I'd be completely fascinated with what's hiding behind those walls. It's like fossicking for gold!

Ruth said...

Such special finds hidden within your home. Makes me want to put some current newspapers on our walls as we put them up for someone else to find in the future. I love your ceilings BTW

Anonymous said...