Friday, February 18, 2011

New Arrivals

Today was a big day in town.  In addition to a boy's first haircut we also picked up a few new animals to welcome onto the place.

A new week old poddy calf from the dairy.  Possum has named him Charlie.  
He is being bucket fed and when he is weaned he will join Nellie and Terry out in the paddock. 

And I found some Pekin Bantams!  I have wanted some more chickens for awhile so this was very exciting.  Possum wants to name these all Henny Penny.  I think 2 of them are roosters and if they are I will see if I can find a home for the grey and white rooster on the top left and keep the buff coloured rooster with the 3 hens.  If they are both roosters maybe Mandy might like him to keep her new bantam girls happy?

The orchard is currently home to 2 lambs, 1 poddy, 3 chooks and 5 bantams.

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