Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Climbing Wall

Ages ago I posted about 'The Great Wall' and then never posted any more updates.  The Mr finally asked me to do it because he is pretty happy with his efforts on this project.

On one wall of the old workshop we built a climbing wall.  The walls of the shed had to be re-framed, ply had to be painted, holes had to be drilled and t-nuts had to be put in so the hold could be screwed in.

All the effort was worth it, the whole family enjoys playing on the wall and having some fun.

I prefer trad climbing, but given the lack of rock right here this is pretty good too.

Monday, January 21, 2013


I think I saw a tumbleweed blow through this space awhile ago.  Updates have been few and far between yet slowly but surely, stuff has been getting done about the place. 

The above photo was taken the day we moved in.  It is an enclosed verandah and this is where the children sleep; Blue up this end, and Possum down the other end.  The ceiling is just over 6 foot 'high' on the low end.

We braved the heatwave over the Christmas break to paint.  We decided to paint all of the timber boards a lighter colour to open up the room.  This was NOT a fun job, it was slow work with a small brush to get in all the gaps between the boards.  It was horrid stuff.  

The end result was worth it.  The small rooms look lighter and brighter.  This is Dulux Whisper White with Royal Beige trim, we painted the ceiling in Whisper White too.  The new plasterboard sections came up well and the children are both really happy to have 'new' rooms.  Just the rest of the house to go...