Saturday, April 6, 2013


On Monday the 18th of March I worked in the morning, had a PE assignment due and a History Quiz to prepare for.  Naturally this was the day the agent called to say he had just bought us a new ram from the sale in town and we had drive in to pick him up.

This is our 4th ram in four breeding seasons; I kid you not.  Our good Wiltshire Horn ram died on the cusp of our first breeding season and we replaced him with a Dorper and he was a nice little ram with a good temperament; shame he didn't last.  Our next Dorper was a commercial stud bred ram and he was rather expensive; given our previous track record I should have known better, he disappeared into thin air after one season with the ewes.  Sheep-napped? He wasn't with any of the neighbors sheep so who knows what happened; he certainly isn't anywhere here.

This latest fellow is a White Dorper, he is actually not a bad type of ram and I am glad he is a White as the  previous two Dorpers had been throwing a lot of black lambs; I was most impressed with the $25 sale price.  I realised today when we saw him serving ewes that I had not gotten around to blogging his arrival. I hope we keep him longer than the others, it is a pain buying a new ram each season although at least we don't have to worry about in-breeding.

We call him Dram, or Ram number 'D'.