Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Playing with Fire

We decided to burn off 8 acres that is due to be worked and sown in the next little while.  We had fire breaks done and there was little to no wind so the conditions looked pretty good when we started.

Of course, 60 seconds after tossing a match in a gusty wind sprung up and we got a little busier than intended keeping an eye on things but it was still all safe, just a little rushed.

Then the wind died back down and the next paddock was lit and burnt as well.

It got pretty hot at times and even though you know every precaution has been taken and the fire is under control it is still a stressful thing to toss a match into a dry fuel source. 

The end of day beer has never tasted so good!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Great Wall

The Mr has been busy out in the workshop.   

He has framed up some walls and put in a few interesting angles. 

 He has also reinforced some sections.

He bought a lot of 19mm ply, drilled a lot of holes and then we painted it.

The colour is Gooseberry Fool.  I like it.

Cant wait to show off the finished project!