Thursday, April 28, 2011

Before and After ~ The Well

It is wonderful to have a well to pump water from, but not so wonderful when it is not covered and safe for the two small children. 

The Mr and his Dad spent a day putting this together.  Bolted, hinged, and secure using all recycled products from about here.  They did a great job and I am glad it is no longer a risk, just an asset.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before and After ~ The Cubby

We were excited when we moved here because there was a cubby for the children.  It is home built from timber grown here too.  The only problem with it was the stairs were broken, and that it was sitting next to the carport and shed.  Not exactly the safest place for children to play.

We decided to move it, which involved lowering it to the ground and sitting it on some timbers to act as skids.  We hooked it all up to the tractor with fingers crossed.  I half expected something to go wrong and thought Santa would have to buy a new cubby for Christmas... 

Thankfully I was wrong and the cubby now sits in the orchard, lower to the ground and under the big almond trees which will have full shade in Summer.

Much better!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fire Permit

Yesterday we had a permit to burn some rubbish about the place.  We have had some decent rain over the last week so it seemed like a good time.  We still had the fire trailer ready just in case something went wrong, which it didn't.  There were six fires burning.

The small boy calls these 'spikey things'.  He is often covered in them.  They are Cobbler's Pegs, or farmer's friends or sticky beaks depending on what you call them. They are a menace at this stage but we are slowly winning the war against weeds about the place.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Noisy Cockatoos, and a real fruit and nut eating pest.  They squawk as they fly about in circles around us and are not loved much here.