Saturday, November 27, 2010


A week and a half ago I picked up our new mower from in town.
I am a little bit excited and have since mown all the lawn twice. 
The Mr is yet to drive it, but I will let him have a turn when the novelty wears off!

Hydrostatic gearbox, lights, cup holder, bumper, sliding seat and bonus trailer make mowing the grass fun again.  The orchard looks wonderful and The Mr moved a fence post so he could swing a wider gate to let me get this mower into the front yard.  This means he got to use the new electric cement mixer so he had fun too, even if he didn't get to drive the mower at all.

Things are slowly starting to look better around here!
Sorry about the dusty photos, it has already done four hours work.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ok, they are not really man eating Triffids, but they are plentiful, and they do attack.
There are a lot more than I would like, the good season with plenty of rain has given the weeds a good start as well as the grass.  Our creek is flooded again too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Clearing Sale 3

Another sale!  I think I am a little addicted.  It is like op-shopping for farm stuff!

I picked up this set of matching wardrobes. 
They are the same colour but the right photo was taken in a low light room. 

The Mr is now the proud owner of a stack of stiltsons, a pipe cutter and pipe wrench and another set of bolt cutters.  He also picked up a wire spinner and a pipe bender.

We had a full trailer coming home!

Clearing Sale 1 and 2

A quick update on clearing sale goodies!

Clearing sale 1 was The Mr's Carry All for his tractor. 
He has used this a lot already and loves it just a little bit.

 Clearing sale 2 was where I picked up my sheep crate seen here taking our first lot of sheep to the sale.  The Mr had to weld a roof on it for me because it was a little low to not have one.  Given we had the mesh already this was no big deal. 

The other thing we bought home this sale was an electric cement mixer. Our fences are bad so this will get used a lot in fixing them.  This is near new, the paint has not even been worn off on the inside of the drum.