Friday, December 31, 2010

In The Orchard.

The cockatoos ate all the almonds.

The big wet caused all the nectarines and apricots to swell and split and the fruit fly moved in and then moved on to the plums. 

 I have high hopes for the peaches and persimmons. 
The pistachios also look good for now.

Time will tell...

Today we sprayed the fruit fly and took the time to pick up all the dropped fruit and bag it in the sun to try to control the fly.  Better late than never I hope.

I will be more organised next year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thistles and Stuff

It felt like we had 30 acres of dense saffron thistles but The Mr put the slasher to good use a couple of weeks ago and cleaned things up.  Despite being well into Summer, it feels like Spring so I hope the grass grows now that there is less competition for it.

It is a beautiful end to the day when you can look at this sunset from your dining room window. I know I have shown this photo off already, but I love it. 

And lastly, this is Nellie.  The vendor left her here for us and she is a bit of a pet.  She is also good company for Terry the poddy calf we have.

We have been here nearly 6 months!