Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I picked as many pistachios as were ripe for harvest and spent the afternoon, and some of this evening removing the outer hulls.  I have learnt a bit about this in one evening.  When pistachios are ripe they will fall off the tree with little coaxing and be easy to shell.  Don't pick them if they are not ready yet as it is a case of 'softly softly catchee monkey'* with these nuts or it is hard work.

I have a bundle upstairs laid out to dry on a towel. 
I will get a dry weight to see what volume we ended up with in this first round but that will take about 3 sunshine filled days, or about 10 hours in a slow oven. 

I love that you can toss them in the freezer and keep them for up to three years!  I should just need to gather a 12 month supply but more is always good!

We ate these, Possum was 'nut hungry' and even in their not so dried out state these taste great!

*I can't believe the Mr had not heard this saying before the other week when I used it for something or other.  Now I delight in using it as often as possible.

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Ellie-Mae said...

I have never heard "softly softly catchee monkey" either, but I like it very much. i also like pistachios very much.