Monday, January 31, 2011


I had thought we would be further into the renovation plans by this stage, but I have a couple of great excuses for why we are not.

'I will fix this hole' said Possum as she tried to 'hamm' a screw in. 
We gave her a nail and then she did much better. 

 'Bubble' said Blue whenever he ran off with the spirit level to measure a wall.  He also ran around saying 'noisey' whenever a drill  was in use or hammering was in progress.

They say to let the housework go when you are renovating, but two small children need things to be kept tidy so it was a case of cleanup after each step to avoid major mess build up. 

Possum told me she wanted to be a builder when she was bigger, but then she got a splinter which I had to dig out with a needle and now she is not so sure.  Time will tell :)

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