Thursday, January 27, 2011

Spare Room

Our house is rather old in places as evidenced by newspaper paper covered walls dated 1923 as above.
This is a spare room, not doing much now but I have plans for it. 

 An ad for Henry White Jamaica Rum and what appears to be an ad for an interesting sounding book...

The slab hut construction of the original part of the house.
Some of this will be plastered over in this room so I can put in a wall of cupboards.  There are a couple of places where it lends itself to leaving some of this exposed which I think I will do.

All hidden behind bad wall paper on poorly framed walls and very bad 80's carpet. 
There is still a lot to do as so far we just have a big mess here, but it is fun seeing what we find along the way.  We have to move a door, re sheet, plaster, paint and decide what I am doing with the floors too.

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clare's craftroom said...

Love all the papers ! Finding stuff is fun , all the rest , painting , sanding is blah !