Saturday, January 8, 2011


The holidays are almost over.  We decided not to go anywhere as we had enough fun staying here, swimming in the creek, doing a few jobs about the place and having fun with the children.

We now have fly screen on doors, curtains on windows (mostly), the chook house is close to complete and in the orchard and the chimney is almost properly water proof.  We still have to finish the many jobs we started but we are getting close.

We butchered a cow and filled a freezer.
We also harvested and froze veggies for awhile to come.  The fresh veggies in the garden are doing well, as are the bindies in the lawn.

A big load of rubbish was taken to the tip.  Mostly junk and stuff that was here when we moved in.  It is good to have it out of the way.

We chipped 1000's of Bathurst Burs (and a few other nasty things) and I have a blister to prove it.

3/4 of a shelving until was made to fill in a hole in the wall.

My brother came out and started fixing some electrical issues on my big list of things to fix or change.  He still has more to do so I hope he gets a free weekend soon.

So yes, we have been busy, and will be busy for awhile yet, but we are happy and progress is being made.

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