Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pesky Pets

It would seem that once again my fat and spoilt horse has stood between the Mr and his BUMPER CORN CROP.   And I don't think it is entirely my fault given the Mr's horse and the Small's pony were also in on the act...

It would seem corn is irristable to horses, and don't think planting it safely away in the orchard will save it.

It could have been worse, we got to chuckle over corn woe of old while shucking what was left and we still got 20 good(ish) ears now cut, blanched and frozen in the freezer.

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Vicki said...

Becky - I found this year that you dont need to blanch them at all to freeze.
We got 100 cobs at Palmdale Orchard on the Central Coast on our way home on Boxing day and we got them, took the husks off and snapped them in half and put them into portion sizes - ie 4 half cobs per freezer bag and sealed them and froze them.
When I wanted them - I took them out and put straight into the saucepan and cooked them and they tasted like they were just picked!