Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Stuff from the Bedroom

When you chase a red belly black snake under your house you may start to dwell on the fact that the walls in the main bedroom are so warped that the skirting boards have fallen to the ground below the floor space.

So there are not too many sleepless nights dwelling on this I came up with the plan to re-sheet that room, the spare room, half the lounge and some of Blue's room too.  Better safe than sorry!

Behind the masonite sheeting we found two layers of wall paper and next to no studs or noggins, and those that were there are not much good.  No wonder the walls buckled! Thankfully behind all that is the slab construction of the house, still in good order.

The date on the newspaper above is 10/12/18.
I love an old house!

It's a pity things often look worse before they look better...
More hard work tomorrow!

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A Guyra Girl said...

A slab construction house! OMG, you lucky thing!!