Friday, August 19, 2011


A couple of nights ago we had rough winds and rain.  I have only been a sheep cocky for 12 months but I am a quick study so I took a wild guess and thought perhaps that was the kind of night a lamb would choose to put in an appearance.

I was right!
Our first Dorper x Wiltshire Horn and first lamb for the season.
Funny looking thing but I am already starting to get used to it. 

The colour of the wool makes no difference here because these are actually meat sheep and they shed their wool, which is actually more like hair than wool, so there is no shearing or crutching.  Wool colour can be an issue in the shearing shed as it can downgrade the clip due to dark fibres being unsuitable for dying and further processing.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photo's, and they are beautiful animals. But I'm sorry we will have to agree to disagree on the geep. :)

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