Tuesday, August 16, 2011


If good fences make good neighbours we had some work to do...

Over the past few weekends or so we have straightened fences, tidied up wires and put electric outriggers up with a hot wire.  We have done two boundary fences and have two to go in addition to any internal fences that would benefit from some work.

The creek paddock is next on the agenda as these are the neighbours cows that have gotten in and are beating a hasty retreat as we hunt them out, again.  We have a weekend scheduled in awhile so we can work together with the neighbours and pull up the old fence and start again.  It will be great when this is done as we have been here over 12 months now and as yet have not been able to run stock in the creek paddock as yet.  Given how dry it is here right now the extra feed in there would be handy for our own few cattle.

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