Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New pup.

Gem is our new pup.  I picked her up after a tip about a good litter of working dog pups needing new homes.  The local vet vouched for both parents as being good dogs and the rest was history.

Gem is a Kelpie x Stumpy tail cattle dog.  She is 10 weeks old.

The children are both excited to have a dog again, and if I am honest I am too.  I really miss Sam, but I am thinking of how much I will learn in starting a working dog pup to work the sheep here.

I am reading this book to help me get started.
Wish me luck!


Kylie said...

She is very cute. Tim's Dad always has females as working dogs. Says that they are loyal, easier to train and dont want to go walkabout. If you need tips on training, give Tim a call - he has trained a few in his time.

Car said...

Gem is very beautiful, love her big puppy paws! Would love to hear how you go training her :)