Sunday, March 20, 2011

Autumn Equinox

I need to plant my Autumn seeds and get organised, but we are so busy it has been hard to find the time. I have new veggie beds built, and a load of soil from the feedlot to build them up. Soon!

Yesterday we harvested the last of our potato crop.  Another 9 kgs of spud!  It has worked well for us to leave them in the ground until we needed more in the kitchen.  If I had of dug them all at once I would have needed a lot more storage room inside.

The cockatoos ruined half my pomegranate crop.  I then netted the tree with what netting I had which did keep the cockatoos away, but not the King parrots.  We lost the lot. 

Capsicum and tomatoes are both growing well and will be ready for picking soon. 

Last night we ate steak and vegetable for tea, all grown here.  Today's roast lunch will also be from all our own produce too.  It is a great feeling!

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Car said...

Wow that is a great potato haul, did you have any photos of the potato plants? Well done providing a full meal :) very impressive!!!