Saturday, September 1, 2012

Monty Roberts

Colin and I went to see Monty Roberts  perform.  I was not sure what to expect from his show but it was actually really good.  He certainly has a presence for that kind of live performance which helps a lot.

He worked on a variety of horses with different problems and it was interesting to see what he did in different situations.  He did some join up but there was also a lot of advance and retreat pressure stuff; much what you would expect really.

He spoke a lot as well.  I didn't realise that Monty works closely with people such as returned servicemen and prisoners, I always thought it was just about the horses.  I was wrong.

I was nice to have a day out with no children underfoot and do something different together.  It does make you appreciate your own horses more when you go to events such as this one.

In other good news, we came home to discover Bill had popped over and sown some lucerne for us.  Now we need more rain :)

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