Monday, April 9, 2012

The week (or two) that was

The spray man came out to spray 8 acres so we can start to think about lucerne planting.

The Mr got kicked by a horse.  He was bruised and sore but thankful that it was not worse.

Something died on the kids side of the house.  Colin pulled iron off the roof on the verandah, got up in the main roof, looked under the house but we couldn't find the offender.  Obviously the kids could not sleep in there, I could not even walk past the door without retching, so we moved their dressers into the kitchen and closed that part of the house up.  It still smells in there, but thankfully the kids are happy sleeping upstairs until I give it the all clear.  At least the rest of the house is smell free, with thanks to the plastic!

I am almost getting used to having two dressers in the kitchen.  At least this one keeps the kids off the plastic, not that they seem tempted to get on the other side.

We also need rain, everything has dried off and Summer seems to be hanging on.


Ruth said...

Hope the warm weather makes the decomposition quick so the air clears soon.
The worst death smell we've ever had was from a snake. It took us ages to find it because it was the last thing that we were looking for. I had no idea they could stink up that much!

Chookyblue...... said...

hope the smell has gone now........we had a dead possum stuck in the roof once and it was terrible..........