Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping Cool this Summer

We have finally had a taste of Summer which has let us enjoy the creek.

It really is beautiful here, the children love it.  So do we.

There is a catfish in this pool that swims around as we do.  

And it isn't far to walk home.



A Guyra Girl said...

I want to come live in your creek, except for when it is in flood. Does it have any trout?

Becky said...

No trout, just catfish and carp and the odd yabbie. Plenty of tadpoles too.

Kylie said...

Cute pictures Becky - Love the little bottom shots (Glad MrC left his pants on though:)

Bronwyn said...

Just found your Possum blog - love getting a taste of your country life - horses are for you? Love the last bare bottom in boots shot!