Sunday, July 3, 2011

Live Export Ban

The Australian cattle industry is hurting due to the live export ban in place after the horrid footage shown on Four Corners some weeks ago.  Nobody denies the footage was bad, but did it warrant a knee jerk reaction to ban all cattle from leaving Australia?  Did you know that there are in fact abattoirs in Indonesia that do meet the industry standards needed to process cattle but they have also been left stranded by our Governments heavy handed tactics.

The links below are all websites, interviews or video footage relating to the export ban.  I urge everyone to spend a few minutes listening to each of them or reading up on the subject as there are hundreds and thousands of head of cattle stuck in the Top End who have an uncertain future at best.  Where is the extra food and water for these extra cattle going to come from?

There is a website Australian's Supporting Beef Farmers which contains some great information on this subject.  There is also an opinion poll, please vote!
An interview with Marlee Ranacher from Bullo River Station talking about her decision to sell up:

What Kochie has to say on Sunrise about needing to have the ban lifted:

And also George Negus on 6:30:
and again here:

Farmer Facts everyone should know, this is an excellent clip:

Ban Animal Cruelty Not Live Export

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