Monday, May 16, 2011

Water Trough

A water trough does not sound like a big thing, but when we moved in nothing was plumbed in so we had to fill up bath tubs from a hose to water stock.  This makes it hard to get away for a weekend, especially in hotter weather.

We sat a large round trough in the middle of a small fence line the Mr and his Dad pulled out.  The Mr made a steel panel to go over the trough then they rebuilt the fence.  This means the one trough waters both paddocks up the top end which is handy.

This trough runs off the bore, but when the water table gets low (as it is now) we can pump in to the tank that feeds it too.  This trough had a broken bung and was left here when we moved in.  It was a simple fix to get it working and in use.

Things are slowly improving around here!

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