Saturday, August 28, 2010

Recycling Scrap

Yesterday was a big day with the scrap men coming to clean up all the piles of junk that had been left here.  It really was exciting to see all our hard work in collecting, sorting and stacking scrap paying off as it was loaded onto the truck.

Scrap is saleable so it will be interesting to see what this ends up being worth.
I think the biggest benefit will be in having this place more habitable and in knowing we recycled on a large scale.

The truck got bogged and had to be pulled out by the excavator.

We will have more to go at some stage because there is still junk to be cleaned up, fences to come down and sheds to knock over. Given this truck was full when it left we know we have made a good start!

edit: We removed 9.2 tonne of scrap in this load.

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AJ said...

That's a lot of recycling!